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Bluetooth 5.0

Compatible with both Apple and Android devices


Take calls and listen to music with your smartphone

Instant pair

Start listening to your favorite songs as soon as you flip open your Basspods

Charging Capsule

Fully charge your earphones up to four times while on the go

Battery Life

8 hours of playback time and 100 hours of standby time

Lightweight Design

Aerodynamic fit keeps earbuds stable in the ear

True Wireless Audio

Enjoy the latest hands free technology with superior surround sound and Bluetooth connectivity. Ditch messy wires and join the True Wireless Audio movement!

Customer Reviews

#1 LUXURY Bassdust Guard - Cover

Looking for a slick metallic look that will take your Basspods to the next level in luxury and aesthetics?  We've got the #1 rated Basspods dust covers that have the most universal appeal.



 Bassdust Guards are used to keep the dust out of the inside of your Basspods case.  It really helps protect it from unwanted debris while also giving you a desired interior design.

If you don't believe us, check out how bad dust can make your AirPods look.  It could even be harmful to your charging case with unwanted particles in between.



It's pretty easy, all you have to do is clean the surface of your Basspods case.  If you need help cleaning your Basspods we have some awesome cleaning supplies.  After it's sparkling clean line up the Dust Guard with the LED light. In some cases Dust Guards can either be stickers or just a very thin metal film that magnetically attaches.


Each Basspods case has 9 small magnets that help keep the case closed.  These small magnets attract metal powder and other debris.  These will cause the Basspods case to get dirty inside.

These Dust Guards will block the dust from getting on your white Basspods case.  That way you can just clean the guard rather than actually cleaning your case.