Bluetooth 5.0

Compatible with both Apple and Android devices


Take calls and listen to music with your smartphone

Instant pair

Start listening to your favorite songs as soon as you flip open your Basspods

Charging Capsule

Fully charge your earphones up to four times while on the go

Battery Life

8 hours of playback time and 100 hours of standby time

Lightweight Design

Aerodynamic fit keeps earbuds stable in the ear

True Wireless Audio

Enjoy the latest hands free technology with superior surround sound and Bluetooth connectivity. Ditch messy wires and join the True Wireless Audio movement!

  • Basspods All Terain - Wireless Earbuds!

Basspods is revolutionizing the way you display your audio experience. We provide our customers an outlet to truly define your personality through custom earphone and case designs!

  • These Basspods are assembled and built solely by, Basspods. We ensure the peak quality and authenticity of every product. 
  • The Basspod AT's Are A Premium Series Of Wireless Earbuds Compared to our original Custom Basspods With 6 new cutting-edge features.

    The Basspods All Terain will redefine wireless earbuds as we know it!


  • Noise Cancelling

What better way to enjoy your music when you cancel out everything else? Stay in your zone while running or training heavy in the gym!
  • Intelligent Sound Control: 

    Which allows for users to increase the amount of ambient sound around them as well as noise reduction for complete noise-cancellation. This brings premium 3D HD stereo sound wherever you are. Intelligent Sound Control also brings premium HD signal and quality to phone calls through both R & L earbuds. 
    Easily switch between business calls and personal calls with the click of a button. HD microphone now offers output from both L & R earbuds for phone calls. 

    40% smaller carrying case w/400Mah: 

    Wait till you see this one! Constructed of the highest quality materials to insure a secure fit and connection to the earbuds. High quality magnets make sure your earbuds never fall out of their carrying case. 500Mah allows for more power to keep you connected on the go!

    Bluetooth 5.0 w/upgraded chipset: 

    This new chipset brings you the fastest connections possible! Simply pull your earbuds out of their case, turn on and you're automatically connected. Bluetooth 5.0 also brings even deeper base to your music, with steady connections up to 50ft!

Easy To Use: 

1. Take the left and right wireless earbuds out of the box, and they will be paired to stereo automatically.

2. Open your phone bluetooth menu and click “Pair”, then Earbuds are paired with the phone. And it voices " connected" sound in the host earbud (left earbud).


 Charging and playing time

  • Music playing time earbuds: 6-8 hours High Performance
  • Charging time earbuds: 30 minutes
  • The charging case can recharge the earbuds 15-20 times on the go
  • Time to charge the charging case: 1 hour
  • Stand-by time: 150 hours
  • Charging case can also charge any mobile phone!


  • Version: 5 
  • Maximum playing distance from device: 10 meters (without obstacles)


  • Works with every Bluetooth device
  • Apple iPhones, iPad
  • Samsung Galaxy models


  • There is a microphone located in both earbuds
  • Answer or decline incoming calls
  • The incoming call is heard through one of the two earbuds. Once the call is received, calls can be heard from BOTH earbuds. 


  • Allows you to workout and sweat in peace, knowing your earbuds are safe and secure.



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